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Bridging the ‘O’s Initiative

Bridging the O's: Ophthalmology to Optometry

OWL: Advancing Diversity in Leadership is delighted to announce the “Bridging the ‘O’s” initiative, bringing together all eyecare by expanding our mission and vision into the optometric space.

OWL has benefited from strong collaboration and support in ophthalmology for decades, and the time is right to develop a more cohesive, collective support structure within our greater industry. The Bridging the ‘O’s initiative came about from a strong internal push to provide value to our optometric community, as well as a robust external pull from both the optometric industry and optometrists alike.

With all parties being passionate about the same objectives, we are coming together to develop a pathway to success.

Look out for OWL in New Orleans, LA in October during the American Academy of Optometry’s annual meeting. Our inaugural program will be one of OWL’s ‘Signature Events’ – a lively networking reception with delightful drinks, delicious appetizers, and an entertaining industry speaker. Details to follow soon….

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