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The ‘Wise Wings’ Program

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What is it?

The Wise Wings Program aims to assist new members in becoming confident and active participants in our community, maximizing the benefits of their OWL membership.

How does it work?
We encourage our more experienced OWL Members to become a “Wise Owl” for a one-year period, during which time you’ll take a new OWL member under your wing.

Why you should join!
Whether it be inviting newer members to a Zoom call, a local meeting (where possible), or an upcoming OWL event, your support and guidance can make a significant impact on our community. 


What exactly does a Wise OWL do?
Help us make newer OWL members feel welcomed! Do you remember attending an OWL event and not knowing anyone in the room? As you walked into that busy event with people chatting and laughing, wouldn’t it have been great to have someone meet you and help introduce you to others?

Do I have to commit to a certain number of hours on this program?
No. There are no formal requirements other than to help connect with newer members whenever it makes sense. You can make a huge difference at our larger events such as those during ASCRS and AAO.

Am I required to “mentor” the member I’ll be connected with?
No, there is no mentorship involved in this program. You are acting as an ambassador of OWL and a connector to others.

Can I continue being a Wise OWL longer than one year?
Absolutely! If you’re a “people person” and love meeting and helping new folks, we’d love your continued help and support.

Additional questions?
Contact OWL’s Executive Director, Gaynor Fries.

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