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The objectives of this new program are to increase diversity on Boards and interrupt the current situation where a majority of board seat nominations come from referrals from other board members.

The Why

Many of us have been taught to work hard, focus on delivering results, do a great job and we will be recognized and promoted for our contribution.  The only problem is, that formula rarely plays out for women or minorities at the Senior Executive and Board levels.

In today’s dynamic global and virtual economy, we are seeing an important and significant shift in diversity, inclusion and equality.  Almost every traditional formula is being rewritten and opportunities are emerging from these dynamic shifts.  The question is, will you be ready should an opportunity emerge?

Advancing your career is a complex series of critical decisions navigated by the smart, brave and sometimes willing individuals.  Where you start and where you finish are directly tied to the career choices you make, the networks that you build, people who support and influence your career decisions, and personal/professional curiosity and experimentation.  There is no perfect roadmap to guide your career or your life, but there are people who have faced the same challenges, questions, risks and heart-stopping choices and who overcame the odds.

The Program

New for 2021, OWL is pleased to offer a five-part training course to change things up!

“Get-On-Board with OWL”

Who is best suited for this opportunity?  Executive minded senior leaders with career aspirations to lead companies and eventually sit on private and public company Boards of Directors

Which skills are essential for Board positions?  A strong understanding of the key financial tools used to lead and run companies.  Deep expertise in finance, human resources, Research and Development or emerging IT trends are also in demand. 


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Program Details

Our 4 digital chapters are followed by a live event to be held in California in September.  
Digital Chapter 1:  So you want to be a board member?

a.  What is the role of the board of directors of a company and how does this differ from management?
b.  What is the difference between a publicly held and privately held company?
c.  What are the fiduciary and governance responsibilities of the board?
d.  What prerequisite knowledge/experience is recommended before seeking a board position (financial acumen)?
e.  What is the typical structure of the board? (committees, general assembly, operations)

Digital Chapter 2:   The Nitty Gritty

a.  Your personal liability as a board member and how to insure yourself
b.  Understanding time commitment and attendance requirements
c.  Conflicts of interest and how do you work through these issues?
d.  Compensation and how that compensation may be structured
e.  Why you need to know about cybersecurity, crisis management, financial planning through an IPO and working with bankers to raise money!

Digital Chapter 3:  How to gain access to a board seat 

a.  How do you engage in a board selection process?
b.  What does a board selection process look like?
c.  How should my resume evolve to interest target opportunities?
d.  How do I become aware of opportunities?
e.  How do I let people know I am interested?
f.  What if I am not a CEO, am I still of interest to companies?
g.  How do I prepare for board level interviews?
h.  How do I seek out a network and advocates in this space?

Digital Chapter 4:  The journey to the top

a.  Career pathway
b.  What are some of the roadblocks I might encounter in seeking a board seat? And how do I respond to/overcome them? 
c.  Key learnings and experiences
d.  What moved the needle (sponsors, mentors, networks)?
e.  Things that surprised you on the journey
f.  Things you learned and wished you knew at the beginning – what should I have asked?


Spread over two half-days (afternoon & morning) at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, California, the in-person conclusion to this program will offer you the opportunity to devote yourself to fully preparing for a board seat, connect with recruiters, and ample time to expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals. An OWL certification will be delivered upon completion of the program.

Event Agenda Includes:
  • Voice of a CEO – 30,000 ft view.  What do I need from my board?  (And what don’t I need from my board?) 
  • Why is Diversity Needed, But So Difficult to Obtain?  
  • How the diamonds are found – A Recruiter’s view of the process
  • Let’s get real… the challenges of being on a board – risks and rewards
  • Working the system – How to get started 
  • How to know you are picking the right board position?  
  • How to make this journey sustainable – what should you do next?  

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