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Empower Spring 2023 Magazine Ediition

Spring 2023

  • “So Hot Right Now” (Erin Schallhorn Powers)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • Bridging the O’s (Desiree Owen and Rutvi Doshi)
  • OWL in Europe (Louise Veenhuis and Sally Tucker)
Empower Fall 2022 Magazine Ediition

Fall 2022

  • Come Together with OWL (Erin Schallhorn Powers)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • Finalists for the 2022 OWL Awards: Visionary Leader, Catalyst, Rising Star (Jan Beiting)
  • Highlights from Ophthalmic Business and Leadership Trends Survey (Jon Heston, PhD)
Spring 2022 Edition

Spring 2022

  • Thriving in Our ‘New Normal’ (Erin Schallhorn Powers)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • OWL’s Leadership Summit Ignites Excitement Among Future Leaders in Ophthalmology (Sheryl Stevenson & Erin Schallhorn Powers)
  • Grit: A Passion and Perseverance for Patient Care (An OWL Exclusive)
Fall 2021 Edition

Fall 2021

  • Grateful for a Stellar 2021 (Abigail M. Markward)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • Nominees for the 2021 OWL Awards: Visionary Leader, Catalyst, and Rising Star
  • Four LGBTQ+ members of the eyecare community discuss what it means to be Out in Eyecare (John Raney)

Spring/Summer 2021

  • President’s Letter (Abigail M. Markward)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • Building a Culture of Innovation (John Raney)
  • Charting Your Course: Women Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Leaders (John Raney)

Fall 2020

  • The Importance of Belonging (Beth Marsh)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • Nominees for the 2020 OWL Awards: Visionary, Catalyst, and Rising Star
  • Music Entertainment Exec Shares Thoughts on Making Changes in Challenging Environments (An OWL Exclusive)

Spring 2020

  • Staying Connected During COVID-19 (Beth Marsh)
  • OWL Champion Members
  • Ophthalmic Business and Leadership Trends Survey Results (The Fundingsland Group)
  • Webinar Series – Doctors, Industry and COVID-19: Caring and Collaboration (Sheryl Stevenson)

Fall 2019

  • Enhance Your Leadership Skills Through a Mentor, Coach, or Sponsor – OWL Can Help! (Beth Marsh)
  • OWL Champion Circle Members
  • OWL Survey (The Fundingsland Group)
  • Nominees for the OWL Visionary Leader Award, Catalyst Award, and Rising Star Award

Spring 2019

  • Engaging with OWL – What’s in it for you? (Beth Marsh)
  • OWL Champion Circle Members
  • Members in Action: SightLife Women Advocates’ Trip to Nepal (Sheryl Stevenson)
  • Introducing the New OWL Advisory Board
  • Career Path: A Scientifically Proven Way to Actually Hire the Best (Brad McCorkle)

Fall 2018

  • Teamwork Made OWL’s Dream Work in 2018 (Georgette Pascale)
  • From the Executive Director: What Does Leadership Really Mean? (Gaynor Fries)
  • Nominees for the OWL Visionary Leader Award, Catalyst Award, and Rising Star Award
  • Career Path: Why Retaining Eye Care Staff May Become More Difficult (Brad McCorkle)

Spring 2018

  • Old School/New School …A Beautiful Combination (Georgette Pascale)
  • Your Network Becomes Your Net Worth (Bindu Manne)
  • Networking for Introverts (Angela Bedell)
  • Nine Ways to Get More From Your OWL Membership (Angela Bedell)
  • Career Path: You Hired Them, Now Keep Them (Brad McCorkle)

Fall 2017

  • Why Advancing Diverse Leadership is OWL’s Mission (Heather Ready)
  • In Pursuit of an Encore Career (Candy Simerson)
  • Nominees for the OWL Visionary Award, Catalyst Award, and Rising Star Award
  • Career Path: How to Hire the Right Employee in 90 Days (Brad McCorkle)

Spring 2017

  • Why Diverse Leadership Matters (Heather Ready)
  • Advancing Diversity: A Strategic Necessity for Healthcare Leadership (Angela Bedell)
  • Member Profile: D. Michael Ackermann, PhD (Adrianne Resek, MA)
  • Leader to Leader: Tips for Tackling Difficult Conversations (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • Career Path: How to Establish A Culture of Trust and Success (Brad McCorkle)

Fall 2016

  • Ever Thought of a Plan Z? (Heather Ready)
  • Nominees for the OWL Visionary Award, Catalyst Award, and Rising Star Award
  • Advancing Diversity is Bold, Brave, and Necessary (Angela Bedell)
  • Leader to Leader: Enabling Your Team to be Drivers of Change (Rose Wynn Brooks)
  • Contemplating Big Changes? (Jan Beiting)
  • Career Path: Five Steps to Creating an Employer Brand (Brad McCorkle)

Spring 2016

  • One Word Is All It Takes (Heather Ready)
  • Leader to Leader: Three Rules of Advice For A Successful Leadership Journey (Michael Onuscheck)
  • Perspective as Research Clinician (Emily Charlson)
  • Member Profile: Claire Bonilla (Adrianne Resek)
  • Career Path: The Cost of Unqualified Applicants (Brad McCorkle)

Summer 2015

  • Defining the Leader in Each of Us (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • Gender Differences in Ophthalmology Mirrored in Survey (Jan Beiting)
  • Member Profiles: Tracy Valorie and Kate Benedict (Adrianne Resek)
  • Jane Shuman Q&A: Keys to Demonstrating Effective Leadership (Sheryl Stevenson)
  • Career Path: Gender Diversity as a Business Strategy (Brad McCorkle)

Spring 2015

  • Here’s to New Beginnings (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • First Thoughts (Angela Bedell)
  • Building Relationships at Work… or Anywhere (Deborah Rodriguez)
  • Product Development Boot Camp: OWL, Gavin Herbert Eye Institute Collaborate for Innovation (Jennifer Simpson, MD)
  • Member Profile: Joelle Vega (Adrianne Resek)
  • Career Path: Tips for Identifying Strategic Partnerships (Brad McCorkle)

Fall 2014

  • Forward Motion: Driving OWL’s New Vision, Mission, and Values (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • It Takes a Village: Integrated Approach to Quality Care (Jane Rady)
  • Raising Our Voices (Jan Beiting)
  • Cultivating Collaboration in Ophthalmology (Audrey R. Talley Rostov, MD)
  • Member Profile: Michelle Schnabel (Adrianne Resek)

Summer 2014

  • Random Acts of Courage (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • Career Path: Finding the Courage to Work for Yourself (Brad McCorkle)
  • Strategies for Cultivating Courage (Molly Schar)
  • Member Profile: Lisa Peltier (Michelle Dalton, ELS)
  • Courage in Advancing Your Career (Jane Rady)
  • A Profile in Courage: Daniele Aron Rosa (Ellen Troyer, MT MA)

Spring 2014

  • Take the Challenge to Stretch Your Wings This Spring (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • 3 Ways OWL Members Left Their Comfort Zones (Jan Beiting)
  • Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone (Molly Schar)
  • Making the Jump into Entrepreneurialism (Michelle Dalton, ELS)
  • Member Profile: Ashley Tuan, OD, PhD (Adrianne Resek)
  • Career Path: What’s Holding You Back? (Brad McCorkle)

Winter 2014

  • Partnering for Growth & Success (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • From Fear to Opportunity: Asking for Help (Molly Schar)
  • Member Profile: Christina Psalms (Adrianne Resek)
  • Partnering for the Common Good (Michelle Dalton, ELS)
  • Ophthalmic Partners (Jan Beiting)
  • Career Path: Finding Success in Partnerships (Brad McCorkle)

Fall 2013

  • Turning Over a New Leaf This Autumn (Jan Beiting)
  • Woman to Woman: Making Transitions Work While Enjoying the Journey (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • Member Profile: Megan Sweeney (Katherine Wiseman)
  • Member Profile: AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD (Adrianne Resek)
  • Why I Love LinkedIn (Ellen Troyer, MT MA)
  • OWL Inspires at WIO Meeting
  • Influences (Bonnie Navarre, MBA)
  • Career Path: Put Down the Phone and Get Some Rest (Brad McCorkle)
  • OWL at AAO

Summer 2013

  • Summer a Season of Renewal (Jan Beiting)
  • Woman to Woman: Intentional Networking to Support Career Excellence (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • Becoming a Power Administrator (Adrianne Resek)
  • Transformational Leadership: Be the Change (Candace S. Simerson, COE, CMPE)
  • Getting to the ‘C Suite’ (Michelle Dalton, ELS)
  • Influences (Bonnie Navarre, MBA)
  • Career Path: 3 Ways to be Better at Your Work (Brad McCorkle)

Spring 2013

  • Ten Years of Collective Wisdom (Jan Beiting)
  • How It All Began (Adrianne Resek)
  • OWL: A Look Back and a Vision Forward (Michelle Dalton, ELS)
  • Woman to Woman: Prime Time for Women to Shine in Ophthalmology (Marsha D. Link, PhD)
  • Career Path: Where Would You Like to be in 10 Years? (Alex Slater)