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OWL Awards

Visionary Award

OWL’s Visionary Award honors an individual who has paved the way for diversity in their field through significant achievement. Nominees should have demonstrated leadership in their field through their careers.

Catalyst Award

OWL’s Catalyst Award honors an individual who has contributed significantly to helping others advance their career in eye care. Nominees should have demonstrated leadership in supporting the advancement of diversity. (For example: mentoring/sponsorship of promising individuals; diversity advocacy; or creating a culture of equality).

Rising Star Award

OWL’s Rising Star Award honors an individual who is an emerging leader in the ophthalmic space. Nominees should be in their early or mid-careers and demonstrate high potential for making an impact in ophthalmology.

OWL Awards 2019

The recipients of 2019 OWL Awards (from left):
Monty Montoya, Visionary Leader, Amy Jacobs, Catalyst and Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD, Rising Star.

OWL Awards 2018

The recipients of 2018 OWL Awards (from left):
Allison Shuren, Visionary Leader, Brad Fundingsland, Catalyst and Jennifer Loh, MD, Rising Star.

OWL Awards 2017

2017 Awards Winners

The recipients of 2017 OWL Awards (from left):
Heather Ready, OWL President; Beth Marsh, Catalyst; Cynthia Matossian, MD, Visionary Leader and Bindu Manne, Rising Star.

OWL Awards 2016

The recipients of 2016 OWL Awards (from left):

Marjan Farid, MD, Rising Star; Marsha Link, Ph.D., Visionary Leader; William Trattler, MD, Catalyst. 

OWL Awards 2015

The recipients of 2015 OWL Awards (from left):

Audrey Talley Rostov, MD, Visionary Woman (renamed Visionary Leader this year); Laurie Brown, Catalyst; Erin Schallhorn, Rising Star.