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Become An OWL Ambassador!

OWL is grateful to have the support of its members to progress its programs and events, ultimately towards the goal of advancing diversity in leadership in ophthalmology.

We’d like to introduce you to OWL’s Ambassador Program.

Starting this Fall, OWL members who have volunteered in the past or who volunteer at future OWL events will officially become part of the OWL Ambassador Program.

Volunteers are always welcomed, valued and much appreciated. This program is designed to recognize and honor members who donate their time volunteering for OWL – it may be a simple thank you note, a seat saved at the front of an event, or similar types of acknowledgements.

Volunteers are the talent behind the positive growth, drive and collaboration that OWL excels in offering its members. They are the faces of OWL, professional leaders who want to continue to develop and learn to be the best in their fields.

If you would like to get more involved with OWL, contact our Executive Director, Gaynor Fries to learn about opportunities:

If you have suggestions for the OWL Ambassador program, please contact our Ambassador Program Chair, Judi Tauber –