Meet Donna M. McCune, Vice President, Corcoran Consulting Group

Donna M. McCune, CCS-P, COE, CPMA, Vice President, Corcoran Consulting Group was interviewed by Laurie Brown, Membership Committee Chair, in early January 2017.

Laurie: I’ve known Donna McCune, COE, OCS as a colleague, friend, consultant and OWL member for many years now. She is someone I look up to as a fellow ophthalmology-lifer. Donna is a consummate professional, generous with her time and knowledge and very supportive of anyone she can help. Donna, what is it about OWL that attracted you to membership?

Donna: I was attracted to the organization because of the quality of its members and their vast experience in our industry.

Laurie: Your career path is inspiring to me. I feel you’ve continued learning and advancing your entire career, never backing away from a challenge. Please share your career path with us.

Donna: My career in ophthalmology began in 1986 when I took a position with a cataract and refractive surgeon. This position provided me the opportunity to learn from the ground up by doing everything from the front desk to billing to strategic planning and to eventually taking on the role as administrator as the practice grew. In 1998, I decided to make a career change within ophthalmology and became a reimbursement consultant. This challenged me to become a certified coder and a certified auditor. I have had great mentors in this industry and many of them are, or have been, OWL members.

Laurie: We are in very challenging times for the business of ophthalmology and you have always been an amazing resource for me. In what area are you currently spending most of your focus helping practices these days?

Donna: Many of our clients struggle with satisfying the quality programs, PQRS and VBM and ask for our assistance. In addition we continue to assist with documentation and coding for refractive cataract surgery with premium services.

Laurie: I know you are in love with Hawaii and warm weather, as I am, Donna. Tell us how you spend your free time when not helping clients?

Donna: I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, playing golf, and love theatre and music.

Laurie: Finally, what has your OWL membership meant to you over the years and what advice might you give to new OWL members?

Donna: I have always been a believer that we learn best from our peers. The networking opportunities with the OWL organization are abundant and that has been a great benefit of OWL membership. I would advise any new members to take advantage of the great experience and knowledge base of the OWL members.