OWL’s vision is to promote and develop diverse leadership to advance Ophthalmic Innovation and Patient Care.

OWL works across Ophthalmology. Our mission is to provide professional and personal development and create opportunities for collaboration.


  • Respects the contributions of all professionals within the industry and clinical care.
  • Believes that diverse leadership results in better outcomes.
  • Values a positive environment that inspires, supports and connects individuals.
  • Believes that when members reach their potential, they maximize contributions to their organizations.


How to Create an Account

Shire has partnered together to continue to promote and develop diverse leadership and to provide professional and personal development opportunities. This partnership provides great membership opportunities for Shire employees. Join us as we advance diversity in leadership!

To enroll for a complimentary “Virtual” membership with OWL, please reach out to your employer – this membership is available to a limited number of employees. Virtual membership includes unlimited access to OWL’s website offerings:

  • Webinars
  • Electronic subscription to “Empower”, the OWL magazine
  • OWL Mentoring
  • Other online programs

Shire employees may be eligible for a discount or an upgrade to a “Champion” or “Professional” membership! Please reach out to Gaynor Fries for discount codes and additional information.

Professional membership includes the benefits of a Virtual membership and more; this membership is great for employees that may want to attend OWL events at major conferences like AAO or ASCRS or participate in the organization at a higher level.

Champion members are industry professionals at the senior manager level and above. They actively recruit new OWL members, contribute significantly in OWL by attendance, and leadership at Board or Committee levels, are key in driving OWL’s Mission forward. These members are advocates and champions of the OWL Mission, Vision, and Values; they are ophthalmic thought leaders; they are leaders in their organizations in alignment with OWL’s mission.

Both Champion and Professional members attend OWL events for free! These events are essential for networking and collaborating with fellow industry professionals and leaders.

Please read the following information for instructions and follow the links below to enroll: To join OWL for the first time, please continue to the OWL membership application.

How to Use the Membership Directory

The OWL Member Directory may only be used for individual member-to-member communication by OWL members. To access the directory, please be sure you are logged in at and then follow the link.

If you experience any problems, please contact the OWL membership office via email at

How to Register for Online Events

Registering for online events is quick and easy!

Simply go to to locate current events open for registration. Complete the simple registration form and you will receive a confirmation email. Members may need to log-in to access the registration form for each event.

At times, members may receive a personal link for specific events that may not be open to the public. If so, use the link provided and it will open a registration form to be completed for that specific event.

Stay up-to-date on OWL’s upcoming Programs and Events via our website:


Additional details coming soon