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Welcome to the OWL Community! Join us as we advance diversity in leadership.

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Types of Membership

Designed for business, media, consulting, and practice professionals ($150/year)

These members are advocates and champions of the OWL Mission, Vision and Values; they are ophthalmic thought leaders; they are leaders in their organizations in alignment with OWL’s mission; they actively recruit new OWL members, contribute significantly in OWL by attendance, and leadership at Board or Committee levels, and are key in driving OWL’s Mission forward. ($490/year)

Designed for ophthalmic residents to access our trainings, connections, and resources (email us for more information:

Benefits of Membership

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 Find a Job – Post a Job  N  Y
 Mentoring & Coaching Program  Y  Y
 On Demand Resources  Y  Y
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 Volunteer Opportunities  Y  Y
 Events & Programs at AAO, ASCRS/ASOA, Hawaiian Eye, ARVO and ESCRS  Y  Y
 Local Chapter Events (where available)   Y
 Executive Roundtable Program  N  Y
 Speaking Opportunities  N  Y
 Opportunity to be featured in Publications N  Y