Doctors, Industry and COVID-19: Caring and Collaboration

On April 7th, 2020, OWL hosted a Virtual Program, bringing together clinicians to share how COVID-19 and the recent AAO directive is impacting their patients, practices and personal lives.  And what industry needs to know!   If you’re interested to learn how practices are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, as well as some inspiration on… Read More

Need Some Inspiration in These Challenging Times?

The world has changed dramatically in the past couple of weeks. What hasn’t changed is OWL’s value of a positive environment that inspires, supports and connects individuals.  ‘Til we can meet in person again, OWL will be ramping up our online programming to continue to provide great value to our members. If you are looking… Read More

Become An OWL Ambassador!

OWL is grateful to have the support of its members to progress its programs and events, ultimately towards the goal of advancing diversity in leadership in ophthalmology. We’d like to introduce you to OWL’s Ambassador Program. Starting this Fall, OWL members who have volunteered in the past or who volunteer at future OWL events will… Read More

An OWL Interview with Tracy Kenniff

  What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today (in Ophthalmology or in general?) When thinking about the biggest challenges a CEO or Administrator of an Ophthalmology practice faces today, the first thing that comes to mind is Consolidation.  This is the hot topic on all levels; small single physician independent practices struggling with the… Read More

OWL Interview with Dr. Constance Okeke

Why did you decide to join OWL? Dr. Okeke:  If you’re in ophthalmology, it’s great to meet other ophthalmologists and clinicians, but it’s also great to meet non-HCPs, whether it’s those in the media world, research, industry, or another division – all whose work relates to eye care. I joined the OWL Development Committee because… Read More