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Meet Georgette Pascale, OWL President-Elect

Georgette Pascale, OWL President-Elect, has an impressive, diverse portfolio of marquis public relations (PR) expertise. With a B.S. in marketing communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she interned at Bender, Goldman and Helper in New York City, now Bender/ Helper Impact, whose past and current clients include entertainment giants 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, DreamWorks Home Entertainment, Lionsgate Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Mobile. At the PR firm of Hill & Knowlton, she worked on large corporate accounts such as Delphi Automotive, Puerto Rico Tourism Company and GAP. Georgette worked with music greats Bruce Springsteen and Shania Twain while at Shore Fire Media in Brooklyn and corporate stars of the e-commerce and technology sector while working at ExcitePR. Prior to launching Pascale Communications, LLC, Georgette was Director of the healthcare practice at RLM PR. She formed Pascale Communications to address an underserved niche within healthcare PR by successfully forging meaningful relationships with editors, publishers and clients. In 2013, she launched Pascale Communications Consulting (PCc), to serve industries outside of healthcare. Georgette was recently featured as “Woman of Influence” by the NY Business Journal.

Tell us about yourself, personally and professionally.

I like my hands in a lot of pots and having goals. That’s how I am in my personal life too.
What does your job entail? What do you enjoy most about it?

Networking and overseeing the company but also making connections and partnering with people I believe in. The ultimate thrill for me is not only winning a client we worked hard to get because we believe in the technology, but also when we hook other people up together.

What are your thoughts on “Advancing Diversity in Leadership?” How will it happen? What matters most?

I’ve always practiced it. PC is the most diverse collection of amazing minds. Everyone swims from different pools. If you lead by example it falls into action.

How do you achieve work/life balance?

Balance is not a word. It’s about enjoying the moment. I don’t believe in mom guilt since my children know that I’m happy, and, for me, I also have personal relationships within my career that fulfill what I need.

What is the best leadership lesson you’ve ever learned?

Don’t take it personally.

Who do you admire professionally and why?

Everyone is a mentor to me, but I love what Genevieve Piturro from Pajama Program is doing. She works tirelessly but has fun doing it and has a passion that I dig.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Boxing and relaxing. I travel a lot so I like to be home and chill with my family and friends. And philanthropy is huge.

What is on your “bucket list” that you have not achieved?

Living in Italy for half of the year. Splitting my time between Sorrento, Italy and NYC.

What are you most proud of professionally?

Sustaining the business and building a really great team that’s not really traditional.

What is the “secret of success” in 2016 for professionals in the Ophthalmic industry?


What do most of your colleagues NOT know about you?

I’m an open book but probably that I relax more than they think I do.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by everyday stories in the media about positive advancements in healthcare.