Monthly Archives: June 2016

OWL Hosts “Being A Physician is a Balancing Act” Panel Discussion for UCI Ophthalmology Residents

On June 8, OWL hosted a panel discussion of “Being a Physician is a Balancing Act” for the Ophthalmology residents at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Panel members were Sameh Mosaed, MD (Director of Glaucoma Services, UCI Professor of Ophthalmology School of Medicine), Jeremiah Tao, MD (Residency Director of UCI) and Julie Schallhorn, MD… Read More

World Champion Surfer Shaun Tomson Shares Life Lessons with So. California OWL Members

Owl members learned about “Becoming a Risk Taker” from Shaun Tomson, world champion surfer. Shaun is one of the most 25 influential surfers of the century and one of the 10 greatest surfers of all time.